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Solutions for Secure Alerting and Critical Messaging

Since 1969 Swissphone has been a leader in telecommunications, and later very specialised systems that ensure the highest level of secure messaging and critical communications available today.

50 years of building solutions that save lives, and they will continue to do so in to the future.

Capture Technologies is the leading UK representative and channel for everything Swissphone. We have been working in the United Kingdom to bring specialised and custom solutions to some of the biggest companies in the UK including BASF, H J Heinz, Bekaert, NHS to name but a few of our happy clients. Customers like these have very specific needs and we're proud to say that these products have worked perfectly throughout these and many more companies and installations.

Emergency critical communications used in healthcare 'crash' systems, secure messaging solutions that you can depend on, and ATEX communications in hazardous and dangerous working environments are just a few of the sectors that we address. And other solutions like vehicle navigation and driver communications, resource management that uses Swissphone RES.Q paging and can prevent under staffing are other examples.

Whatever time sensitive critical messaging system you want for alert notification that is secure and reliable whether for emergency services or critical or non critical communications network operators need a simple easy to use solution. Critical messaging platforms are common, but good ones are less so and when you need a reliable point to multi point simulcast technology and integrated messaging solutions you need Swissphone technology for reliable critical messaging.

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General information about Swissphone Products


ATEX S.QUAD Features

Passive to radiation and safe in dangerous areas with (Ex) II 2G Ex lb IIC T4 extremely robust unit

Used wherever there are hazards and danger due to operating environment

atex s.quad two way pager

Best in Class ATEX Pager

Outstanding performance with 2.5 μV/m at 1200 Bit/s @ 1200 Bit/s and 64 addresses (RICs) with four sub-addresses. An extremely robust unit with a 2m drop test with dust and waterproof specifications. Overall volume levels are > 95 dB(A) at 30 cm range. The perfect ATEX solution.

itc-2500 paging base station

Best Available Support

Get exceptional support as you would expect from a manufacturer. Specialised support for all levels of systems and products, from the stages of planning and implementation of the project, to the regular maintenance if needed. This great support is delivered by our UK team backed up with an extensive application engineering team – guaranteed!

Incredible Design

Not just pagers, but solutions including voice and multichannel alerting

Alert pagers that are designed from the ground up to be the best with advanced features.

Text & Speech Alerting

The Hurricane Duo can read out alphanumeric messaging thanks to an integrated digital language processor. With 64 addresses and 4 sub addresses,  > 85dB(A) @ 30 cm, over 100 memory locations, one hand operation there is no better solution.

  • Exceptional reception ability

  • 256 RIC names with 8 characters

  • IP54 protected perfect in weather

Hybrid Alerting

There are four RES.Q models available for hybrid alerting that include using cellular networks as a separate alert messaging channel and separately and POCSAG paging technology independently. No matter what level of messaging the RES.Q models offer everything you need including:

  • Indoor positioning & outdoor GPS location with BLE

  • Long battery life

  • Tracking and geofencing ability

  • Emergency call solution (SOS button)

Key Solutions

Swissphone are leaders in the following communication areas

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Alerting Solutions

From alert networks with digital radio paging that can be local, regional or national, through resource management that can inform you about manpower, operation communications to carry out diverse communication and management tasks reliably and vehicle communication and essential navigational features these products have it all.


Critical Messaging

IMASYS solutions are perfect for sending SMS, paging and email messaging and an emergency call system for lone workers that protects the worker, an emergency call solution for where there are dangerous situations, the Swissphone alarm server solution that utilises numerous interfaces to third party systems with independent alarm solutions and lastly the alarm management software as a service (SaaS) for safe and maintenance free alarm management on the cloud.

Solutions Available

Alerting Networking, Resource Management, Operation Communications or Vehicle Communication and Navigation or

Messaging Gateways, Emergency Call for Lone Workers, Emergency Call where there is Danger, Alarm Servers or Alarm Management

Customer Testimonials

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