HURRICANE DUO Alerting Terminal

Designed for text and speech alerting solutions

The Hurricane Duo is capable of reading out any alphanumeric alert message you can receive by using integrated technology in the form of a digital language processing chip.

The unit will also show the received alert message on the screen which is useful where there is excessive ambient noise - but the terminal does have a high audio output of > 85 dB(A) in 30 cm so that should rarely be a problem. The Hurricane Duo is capable of storing the last 100 mesages and a total of 256 addresses made up from 64 main RICs addresses and four sub-addresses each. A simple but very capable terminal pager.



  • Programmable bandwidth up to 10 MHz.. Wide-PLL
  • Signal strength shown on screen
  • IP54 protection ensures use for all weather conditions
  • VHF & UHF frequency options available PLL based and programmable
  • 64 select and also toggle profiles available on the device
  • 64 addresses (RICs) and 4 sub addresses giving 128 individual addresses overall
  • Library of words for names and common abbreviations on voice readout
  • Single hand use
  • Optional multi channel, scanner in one unit
  • Optional IDEA 128Bit encryption available

The HURRICANE DUO offers text and speech alerting at the same time. It's a POCSAG receiver with a twist, and has a voice processor for converting alphanumeric text. Received messages are stored along with the time and date received and other information depending on the activated profile and battery charge can be shown also. The unit is very robust by design and Swissphone create high quality products that offer high reliability by design.

For more info on the HURRICANE DUO Terminals or you can call us at 0843 506 6000.

Express Alarm® Express Alarm
Wide-PLL Wide-PLL
ECO Mode ECO Mode
IDEA™ Encryption IDEIDEA Encryption