IMASYS mTAN High Security Authenticator


When you need the highest levels of security then its essential to depend on tried and trusted platforms and communications that will not compromise on security in any way.

 IMASYS mTAN uses the highest level of security standards available with SMS based two factor authentication. It's so good that its commonly used for online banking application. Integration can be achieved fast.

For mobility and security solutions this solution is perfect. Using a separate communication channel - SMS sent over GSM network, any attempt at fraud becomes extremely hard to carry out. SMS (mTAN) messages are sent to GSM operators from a direct and secure connection. Should at any time the service at an SMS centre fail, then the messages are redirected automatically through the system to another GSM operator.

If you operating financial institutions then mTAN should be a great choice of secure communication for messages. There are transaction numbers (mTAN), authentications and security codes transmitted directly with the highest security back to customers via SMS.

IMASYS mTAN integration is to many third party systems via IMASYS interface software from Swissphone. Authentication systems include:

  • AdNovum (Nevis)
  • Ergon (Airlock)
  • Jemmic (u-Safe)
  • United Security providers (USP Secure Entry Server)
  • Finnova

SSL encryption is used to transfer to the IMASYS message server via the internet. The gateways redundancy ensures that the transmissions are highly secure.

For all financial institutions this is a perfect solution offering an extremely high level of security available today and is robustly developed to operate with all sectors that need such a high level of security.



imasys-mtan path

1. Authentication (contract number and private password).  2. Encrypted SSL transmission via internet.  3. Transmission of mTAN via GSM on a mobile phone.  4. mTAN.  5. Transmission conformation via two factor authentication.

Features of IMASYS mTAN

  • Fast integration and easy to implement
  • Flash and Long SMS with a maximum od 1530 characters
  • Service level agreement of 365x24 maintenance
  • Can set your own SMS sender
  • High efficiency bulk sending of messages
  • Can specify a validity period for SMS
  • The delivery status is possible to be checked anytime
  • Option of backup by ISDN access to the messaging gateway

Corporate customers can obtain a free trial of IMASYS mTAN by contacting us directly.

For further information on the IMASYS mTAN or you may call one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.