DAG & Touch DAG Alarm Signalers

Reliable secure alerting

Both of the DAG and Touch DAG units are developed to be extremely reliable with a high level of security in each device when used for alarm networks.

DAG Alarm Signaler

This unit is fully compliant with the BOS compliance DAG III 08/95 and is developed around a Siemens industrial computer platform, incorporating DIGICOM-D software and Microsoft Windows operating system

The basic software on this device for digital alerting includes:

  • Fully configurable resource database included
  • Network configuring and network structure tasks
  • System check features and network management
  • Network monitor


Touch DAG Alarm Signaler

The Touch DAG can be used for a redundant digital alarm signaler that includes a panel computer and either a 12 inch or 15 inch touch display screen. The device is great when used as a standalone device, but can also be used as a system solution for backup when the control centre suffers a system failure.

Features include:

  • Message text is easily user programmable
  • Free call number input and any number of one touch keys in multiple layers
  • Serial and network interfaces
  • DAG I and DAG III modes of operation

DAG mobile redundant signalers

The Swissphone mobile redundant DAG offers continuous alarm propagation through its parallel radio network design structure. Redundancy is maintained even in the case of a complete system failure in the control centre. We offer expert site planning and network configuration help to ensure the operation regarding redundancy.

For further information on the DAG & Touch DAG Alarm Signalers or call  one of our specialist on 0843 506 6000.