DiCAL-RED Radio Data Module

Used for operational vehicles

Designed for data communication in vehicles

When you need communications of data for operational vehicles the DiCAL-RED unit is a perfect fit and being one of the newer designs it can include a number of different modules based on hardware or software. Its possible to configure the unit in a custom manner for customers specific needs and because of its small footprint locating and installing the device is easy.

One of the featured options includes a wireless WLAN hardware device that enables the unit to operate as an access point or as a client. This allows the DiCAL-RED to be updated with software or the ability to change the confiuration with obvious advantages.




Features of the DiCAL-RED

  • Possible to navigate by using a Garmin navigation system. Specific models are required, but also possibility of using the rear camera of the Garmin solution
  • When deployment text and co-ordinates are received by the unit automatic navigation is possible
  • Small but very functional design allows for unobtrusive installation that takes up little space
  • The unit supports up to a total of four radio networks including GPRS/UMTS/LTE, TETRA via radio, digital radio POCSAG and WLAN
  • Status of the vehicle and its position are transmitted to the control centre.
  • There is an optional SP11 status panel available as an accessory if needed

For further information about DiCAL-RED contact us or call specialists on 0843 506 6000.