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Visitors often have questions about the Swissphone solutions available on this website. These systems can be complex, especially if you are not entirely familiar with the technologies being used. We have created some of the important FAQs and answers so that things are a little easier to understand, and if you're a 'pro' then great you probably won't need the FAQ page.

Also remember that we always have on hand specialists that can advise regarding alerting or critical messaging simply by calling 0843 506 6000 and there's absolutely no obligation. Of course, we can also arrange a site visit if you really are serious about a system whether you want to replace an old system from other companies or if you intend crating a new solution from scratch.

Typical Frequent Questions Solutions & Services

Paging is the fastest and most reliable means of communication when critical messages need delivering securely and at speed. The networks and solutions we provide will also allow the incorporation of other technologies for messaging which is not deemed to need an immediate response - crash bleeps and first aid pagers for example.
Swissphone is a Swiss technology manufacturer which has been developing mission critical systems and solutions to partners globally for the last 50 years. Swissphone invest heavily in the solutions they provide to ensure that your investment is future proofed.
Whilst we pride ourselves on having the best equipment for paging we are a solutions provider. Swissphone understand the market and as such offer not only a paging system but a messaging platform. Our messaging platforms allow for messaging to and from a host of devices such as pagers, mobile phones, APPs, Dect, Email etc. etc.
Swissphone provide a gateway known as SGUARD. The SGUARD is a server based system that will allow you to interface to a multitude of different possibilities. Not only would you be able to interface to the fire alarm or nursecall you would also be able to expand on this to heartbeat monitors, heating & air conditioning controls to gate access the possibilities are endless.
Depending on the needs of each client / site we would design a system accordingly. Swissphone has IP connectivity to all of its equipment so we are able to expand to multiple sites across the LAN network. This allows one main hub to be centrally located and smaller transmitters to be placed on additional locations.
This is a common question we receive from our NHS customer and with Swissphone we can offer both solutions.

Voice paging is the traditional way for crash teams to receive a call in most NHS hospitals were standard paging is used to contact staff that are seen as less urgent in nature. The issue when replacing the incumbent voice solution is generally the cost. Changing from a Voice to a digital solution would allow you to replace a bleep system at a faction of the cost whilst offering you the ability improve user interaction. Digital( alphanumeric) will allow staff to send crash calls to two way bleeps and get responses from them that they are attending the call giving switchboard the peace of mind that the messages have been received and attended.

Whilst we offer both options with exceptional expansion possibilities on both, we would discuss with you whichever best fits your needs.
Swissphone offer exceptional support contracts to our clients. The majority of the solutions we provide can be remotely maintained, with the customers pre approval. This combined with local first line support gives you the confidence that no matter what arises you are in safe hands.
We will initially attend your premises to discuss with you your needs and what you would like to achieve with the systems. Alongside this we would perform a coverage check to make sure that we are able to achieve 100% site coverage.

From this we are able to design a solution to meet your specification and expectations and offer you a quote.
Unfortunately due to every site and requirement being unique and each individual organisation having different processes this is hard estimate. This can however be advised after our initial visit to determine what equipment is required.
Swissphone pagers are some of the most robust devices on the market offering you a pager which is not only drop tested to 2m in height but also has an IP67 rating - making the device waterproof for 30 minutes in 1m of water. This type of certification will reduce the amount pagers that you see needing to replaced due to damage.