Alarm Management Cloud Service (SaaS)


A cloud based alarm management solution offers substantial flexibility to operators and is easy to apply to the processes already established. One of the great solutions of SaaS (software as a service) is the IMASYS alert solution. This service utilises predefined processes that can be triggered, processed and managed accordingly. And usefully, the interface is web based and will run on a browser, but there is also another user interface in the form of an app.

The Swissphone multi messaging gateway can transmit triggered alarms to different channels. A full acknowledgement of messages is also available and is easy to use with the IMASYS app but also via receipt of spoken notifications makes things very easy to understand.

Connectivity For Redundancy

When there is an alarm to specific first aid personnel or contact employees (for example) the alarm can be automatically (or manually) escalated to higher levels with IMASYS alert. For redundancy purposes there are two georedundant centre's using LAN-I and VPN connectivity from two independent service providers that ensure the highest levels of security in alarm acknowledgement, processing and transmission available.

Enquire about SAAS solutions or call 0843 506 6000 to speak with a specialist.

s.GUARD alarm server   s.GUARD alarm server
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