SOS-Portal Emergency Call System

Platform independent emergency call system


Finding the perfect solution for a professional emergency call solution is actually not that easy. Some solutions will be a perfect fit for your operations while others might just not be for you. The SOS-Portal from Swissphone is a web based redundant and completely platform independent solution that could meet your requirements.

Make contact with auxiliary personnel and others becomes easy with this solution and of course is very fast. But also this system can process alarms through predefined rescue processes and documenting all information.

This system can display the localisation of accident victims on screen with a map for all outdoor localisation. If the personnel waiting for help is indoors then a map of the building is shown on screen. Personal emergency call device status is also displayed.

In cases where there is an alarm, the emergency calls can easily be automatically transmitted to auxiliary personnel and escalated through SMS, paging, other TRIO personal emergency call devices, spoken (text to speech) and the SOS-Mobile application. The last 3 transmission methods allow message notifications or automatic escalation.

The great thing about the SOS-Portal is that you need no hardware or software installation as a web browser is the transport.



The SOS-Portal is DGUV 139-certified.

For further information on the SOS-Portal Emergency Call System or please do contact one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.