IMASYS App For All Eventualities

If you need fast and secure alarm triggering to client, colleagues or suppliers then the IMASYS app will be a great choice. The well designed and elegant interface for the user can gather relevant information speedily and simply.

It is possible with the app to have applied user rights that can control what is allowed, for example:

  • All of the registered users of the app can easily receive the messages and are able to respond with an acknowledgement from one button press.
  • If a user is authorised to do so they can carry out other tasks such as:
    • triggering an alarm from predefined scenarios, but are also able to check their acknowledgement by recipients in a real time situation. While carrying out this type of monitoring it's also possible to inform and mobilise other registered members very fast when it is necessary to do that.

The IMASYS App is a key component for a fast alarm notification in the hybrid and cloud based management solution that can make things simpler for the management of the solutions by all participants.




  • Based on a cloud service
  • Management of critical messaging
  • Ability to escalate
  • Multi messaging ability
  • Hybrid services available with AlertBox

For further information on the IMASYS App or please do contact one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.