Case Studies of Swissphone Clients

Having been a manufacturer of alerting and critical messaging for fifty years Swissphone has a substantial number of clients that have had case studies produced to show the overall quality and service solution for many sectors.


Below are many case studies covering a multitude of sectors:

  • CRUISE SHIP COMMUNICATIONS: I.SEARCH - Reference Report: Cruise ship «Costa Classica»
    Easy, quick and total coverage: These were the requirements of the internal communication system that the crew of the Costa Classica cruise ship wanted to use. Aside from quick communication throughout the entire ship, I.SEARCH also provides an efficient and discreet means of sending alerts.

  • LIFEBOAT SERVICE: How pagers launch lifeboats along Sweden’s coasts - Reference report: Swedish Sea Rescue Society
    Advanced digital pagers from Swissphone are helping to save lives off the coasts of Sweden, following the introduction of a new radio messaging system for lifeboat

  • DISTRICT INFRASTRUCTURE: Hybrid alerts & express alarm: a new infrastructure in three gradual steps - Reference report: Rhein-Sieg district, Germany
    Fire departments and rescue services in Germany’s Rhein-Sieg district responded to 119,000 alerts in 2015 using a state-of-the-art alerting system. The district – Germany’s third-largest – renovated its entire alerting infrastructure in three steps spread out over three fiscal years. Emergency responders based in Rhein-Sieg now benefit from targeted hybrid alerting with responding and, thanks to express alarm, a significantly increased alerting speed.

  • COMMERCIAL USE: The Swissphone alarm system even protects apricots - Reference report: Hero Lenzburg
    It was not just the high quality for which Swissphone Systems products are known and the excellent experience that we’ve had in the past with the company that led us to make our decision.

  • LONE WORKER PROTECTION: Maximum safety for lone workers on call - Reference report: ARA Chur
    “As our work involves demanding processes as well as complex building and plant structures with many underground passageways, our employees’ safety takes top priority. A reliable, safe and proven emergency call system is therefore an absolute must for lone workers,” says Werner Feurer, Director of ARA Chur. The underground passageways of ARA Chur, some measuring up to 80 metres long, and the complex plant structures result in high requirements in terms of positioning and occupational safety of lone workers.

  • HEALTHCARE FACILITY: I.SEARCH - Reference Report: Mannheim teaching hospital
    Paging staff has never been simpler - Mannheim teaching hospital has some 4,500 employees including part-time staff. They treat 246,000 patients every year. With such high numbers of staff and patients, great importance is placed on staff co-ordination. Depending on the situation, every second counts in the day-to-day running of a hospital. It is therefore crucial to be able to mobilise the right consultants and the necessary care staff when an emergency arises.

There are many other examples of Swissphone equipment used in different sectors than just the ones listed - in fact far too many to mention here.

Other UK supplied companies and sectors that we have supplied are happy to be referenced so please do contact us about United Kingdom clients that you will have heard of, and are happy allow details to be shared with other potential customers. For more information on these references please do contact us directly on 0843 506 6000 or complete our contact form.