s.QUAD X35 Terminal Pager

s.QUAD X35 Pager

A robust terminal device designed for alerting

Imagine how great Swissphone equipment is from celebrating over 50 years in the business. Don't imagine because the X35 is here right now. It's designed to be tough and has withstood a two metre drop test so that you can safely depend on Swissphone quality.

Dust and water resistance is just one of the design features of the X35, and did we mention the multi coloured LED, the high volume levels often needed for a unit like this and a number of individual melody tones.



  • Outstanding reception
  • 64 addresses (RICs) and with 4 sub addresses each (providing 256 individual addresses)
  • Bluetooth low energy (BLE) for compatible equipment and with s.ONE software
  • RFID chip
  • Waterproof and dust proof
  • 2 metre drop test ensures resilience
  • High resolution and 200 character+ per page
  • Switching bandwidth up to 10 MHz
  • Option 128 bit IDEA message encryption
  • Option multi channel/scanner in one device
  • 64 selection and switching profiles possible

The Swissphone s.QUAD X35 includes state of the art technology to provide many unique features. It's always important for any alerting pager that the audio should be loud enough for most environments with loud ambient noise and the X35 addresses this admirably with output volume extended to >95dB(A) at 30 cm. And consider the reception sensitivity of 2.5 μV/m at 1,200 Bit/s that will undoubtedly help with the high level of performance of this device. The display shows up to five levels of signal strength so users will always be aware of any reception difficulties. There's also wonderful BLE and RFID technology built right in to the unit so communications with the s.ONE software is simple. Do contact us for further info or call 0843 506 6000.

Express Alarm® Express Alarm
IDEA™ Encryption IDEA Encryption
Wide-PLL Wide-PLL
ECO Mode ECO Mode
Bluetooth Bluetooth