Paging Terminal Units

Swissphone manufacture some of the most robust paging terminals for their alerting and critical messaging solutions including crash systems used in healthcare. products include the s.QUAD series that are used extensively in many sectors as well as the recent s.QUAD ATEX and s.QUAD Voice ATEX units that address the hazardous area sectors such as petro-chemical installations.


Other devices that can include BLE operation, test and/or speech, GPS and other technologies all improve the overall solutions that this equipment has been developed for. And with Swissphone know how there is no doubt that when you base any solution on these products that your final solution will be far more advanced than older systems offered by other companies.


And the paging terminals can be upgraded to include features such as Express-Alarm that can send multiple groups or individuals an alarm text that will save time. IDEA/DiCal encryption is another option that can send encrypted messages to the recipient where only the recipient can read the message. Wide-PLL allows units to be programmed with up to 10MHz variation.

Another option, ECO mode, can dramatically extend the operating time of the device by turning off after a set time period, but as soon as any button is pressed the device will turn back on.

Hybrid is an option that can speed up the alerting process without any compromise of security. The Hybrid option utilises SMS and GPRS to transport the message without additional effort. Hybrid is an option for the RES.Q pager below.

And of course no solution would be complete without BLE technology or 'Bluetooth'. s.QUAD pagers are all Bluetooth enabled as standard making them compatible with s.ONE software solutions also available from Swissphone.

Contact a specialist or call 0843 506 6000 or examine the devices on offer below with technical information and downloadable sheets on their respective information page.

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