Critical Messaging Solutions

In all critical messaging situations it is essential that any solution is designed exceptionally well, takes account of all circumstances and uses the best technology available today. Solutions for a crash system (for example) need to ensure that messages cannot be lost because there could be loss of life if ever that was to happen. Swissphone have supplied healthcare operations with end to end solutions that work exceptionally well and are often substantially more budget friendly that alternative solutions. The IMASYS messaging gateway can send messaging by SMS, paging and e-mail transports and are primarily used for where critical messaging is needed.



And emergency call system use for lone workers is provided by using Swissphone individually adjustable packages on offer for robust and reliable protection of any lone worker in any environment.


There are five areas of application from Swissphone as follows:

IMASYS messaging gateway are highly diverse solutions used for critical messaging.

Lone worker solutions designed to protect lone workers in any kind of environment.

Lone worker systems specifically for hazardous areas of work.

Alarm server that has many different interfaces and can be used with many independent alarm systems.

Cloud management of alarms (SaaS) provide maintenance free alarm management from a browser with no installation 


Wherever there are dangerous or hazardous conditions correct and advanced messaging can save lives. Swissphone emergency call solutions allow for fast and discreet calls for help when danger threatens.

The Swissphone alarm server is used locally and can be configured with a number of interfaces to third party systems and also with any independent supplier of alarm provider.

Lastly, 'software as a service' is a solution for safe and maintenance free alarm control and management online.

For those areas where critical messaging cannot be ignored Swissphone has the answers you are looking for. Examine the areas of application below or contact us on 0843 506 6000 for more information or references, alternatively fill out our online form

Critical Messaging Systems

Alerting Networks and Resource Management, Operation Communications and Vehicle Communication and Navigation

Messaging Gateways and Emergency Call for Lone Workers or Emergency Call where there is Danger, Alarm Servers or Alarm Management