DiCal-ToM POCSAG Receiver

Receiver with integrated screen

A compact receiver that has a touch screen integrated makes sense because of the simplicity of use. It's a seven inch touch screen that can operate at 800 by 480 resolution and that's where the received messages are displayed by default on this device.


But its also possible to route the messages to a local printer either manually or automatically via a USB interface. The unit is compatible with all of the common printers in use.

Features of DiCAL-TOM

  • The unit is capable of playing back audio MP3 files when there is a triggered alarm
  • Shows the time that the alarm was received
  • Possible to control the line audio out for ELA systems
  • The switch output uses relays for potential free operation and the time to switch is configurable
  • Less than 1 ┬ÁV/m for high reception sensitivity
  • 32 RIC areas allowing over 1,000,000 RICs in total available

For further information on the DiCAL-ToM POCSAG Receiver or call  a specialist on 0843 506 6000.