SOS Button for Emergency

Call triggering for all situations


When its important to have silent messaging for any emergency this SOS-Button is perfect. It can create a completely silent triggering of an alert in any critical situation. The unit works with Bluetooth (Bluetooth Low Energy BLE) to an SOS Gateway that can then arrive at the SOS-Portal. The Button can be used for mobile or stationary applications.

Once the trigger is received then the correct measures will be automatically instantly applied, maybe notification of third parties like security or ambulance services mobilisation.

When the SOS-Beacon is implemented within the system it is possible to transmit the position data to an accuracy of within 1 metre for the personnel who is calling for help in real time.

It's also possible to press the SOS Button at different frequencies that will generate different results. An example might be from just one press could refer to a test, while pressing the button say three times would be interpreted as an alarm.


Features of this device

  • Perfect for sending a totally silent alarm
  • Easy send of event or positioning
  • Made for use by many users and very robust
  • Very long battery life for this type of unit
  • Mounted on the wall with wall bracket mount
  • Can use BLE as alternative to the mobile network

For further information on the SOS Button or please do contact one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.


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