RES.Q Alerting Terminal

Designed for hybrid alerting solutions

The RES.Q pager comprises of four different models as show below comprising of the RES.Q XS, the RES.Q S, the RES.Q M and the top model RES.Q L. All models remain a hybrid design. POCSAG paging is a long standing communication method used on the RES.Q pager but ehen this is integrated with a separate cellular alert channel then the resilience benefit is dramatically increased.

The newest of the series the RES.Q L offers additional benefits where an alert message needs to get through, like an emergency situation that can be automatically triggered. a 3G cellular radio is integrated to the unit as well as BLE technology that can allow Swissphone iBeacon to locate someone in distress. 



Varies by model 

  • Tactical feedback of alerts
  • Send and recipt of status reports
  • POCSAG standard with cellular for hybrid operation
  • Positioning with GPS outside, IBT transmission TX inside and iBeacon on the RES.Q L
  • Drop tested from 2 metres ensures great resilience
  • VHF & UHF options
  • 64 select and toggle profiles available to use
  • 32 main addresses (RICs) and 4 sub addresses giving 128 individual addresses overall
  • Indicator for signal strength on the terminal
  • Optional multi channel, scanner
  • Optional IDEA 128Bit encryption if needed

A fully feature packed terminal device for hybrid alerting. The RES.Q sends an acknowledgement to the control centre when there is an alarm. If there is no acknowledge returned form the control centre the alert can be forwarded to deputies. In all cases the recipient of a message will confirm that they will attend or not as a response. For the cellphone technology it is possible to monitor the device status at any time.

The RES.Q XS unit includes a cellular module to ensure confirmations of tactical confirmations or technical acknowledgements as needed.

The RES.Q S has localisation capability by using the GPS receiver. Great for determining the location of the user and calculating the time remaining for the user to be on-site.

In the case of the RES.Q M an additional feature using an emergency button allows the user to send an emergency alert at any time.

For further information on the RES.Q Terminals do contact us or call 0843 506 6000.

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