Locate Personnel Inside Buildings

Its essential to be able to locate personnel when working in buildings primarily for lone workers but there are scenarios where you might need to locate other things too.

The IoT technology for indoor localisation from Swissphone is a great answer. This device allows localisation in real time which is important. Beacons are today a fast growing area of means of location and with the SOS-Beacon technology today its a really impressive device.

Installation is really easy, and the good news is that this unit can work on battery for extended periods. Expected lifetime of the unit is 12 years.

Other features include compatibility with both mobile phone platforms - iOS and Android so it can work with nearly every cell phone. Lastly the TRIO personal injury call device works perfectly with the SOS beacon for accurate localisation results.

Features SOS-Beacon

  • Indoor or outdoor localisation from this multi protocol BLE beacon
  • Can be used for many different applications
  • Battery life is extensive
  • Wall bracket mounting and installation for an easy to install result
  • BLE as an alternative communications channel to mobile.

For further information on the SOS-Beacon or call  one of our specialist on 0843 506 6000.