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Swissphone pagers support various additional available options that can greatly enhance the operation of the units that they are installed on. You will find an overview of these serice options below - all available directly from CTL.

express alarm option

Express-Alarm: If you would like to send the same alarm text to multiple groups or individuals, the Express-Alarm® allows you to save valuable time. Connecting multiple addresses with the alerting text reduces the volume of data to be sent and thereby the alarm transmission time.

IDEA Encryption

IDEA Encryption: IDEA™ encryption ensures absolute discretion and maximum security. Messages are encrypted from input right through to the pager and cannot be read by unauthorised individuals. DiCal® is a registered trademark in Germany. Other performance features: Integration into existing environments possible. Mixed use of encrypted and unencrypted messages. Protection against replaying an alert at a later point in time. Brochure about IDEA Encryption

wide pll

Wide-PLL: The reception frequency can be programmed within a bandwidth of up to 10 MHz.

eco mode

ECO Mode: ECO mode extends the operating time. The display completely switches off after a certain period of time. It automatically switches back on when a button is pressed.

hybrid mode faster alerting

Hybrid Mode: Hybrid makes the alerting process faster, but it remains as secure as ever. It combines the reliability of a paging alert with the benefits of commercial mobile telecommunications networks. The alert message is sent via paging and SMS/GPRS, without additional effort. Only the fastest of the alert messages is displayed on the screen and the other is suppressed. Hybrid can be ordered as an option for the RES.Q pager.

ble bluetooth

BLE Bluetooth: Bluetooth technology makes it possible to connect with a compatible smartphone and ultimately with various s.ONE software solutions. s.QUAD pagers are Bluetooth-enabled.

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