Emergency Call System Dangerous Situations

There are more and more dangerous situations these days where there is real danger to employees or other personnel safety. While it is important that they have robust backup, sometimes the communication has to be discreet and low key so that perpetrators are not aware of the communication. And its highly critical that any type of system employed for these purposes has to operate flawlessly because peoples lives could depend on it.

Swissphone have solutions that can operate in a number of ways dependent on the needs at the time. For example, the emergency call system makes it possible to quietly and discreetly trigger an alarm for critical situations or to ensure that other members are fully prepared and ready to help.

This solution is useful in so many sectors and for indoor use in warehousing, public buildings, and even the NHS in the UK. The RES.Q device, the TRIO and lastly the SOS button has the ability to enable the silent alarm feature and importantly, these units have a long battery life so that they are functional when needed. When the SOS button is used as part of the system, the critical alarm is routed via the SOS-Gateway to the SOS portal. The system has automatically enabled procedures that carry out immediate action and will automatically escalate the help measures if necessary and will log everything in document form.

These solutions are tried and tested throughout the UK and the world and operate flawlessly. Integration with other on-site equipment is possible depending on the specifics. Completely dependable, fast communication that can be designed with your exact needs in mind. 

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Stationary or Mobile

Its possible to use this solution for either stationary use or for use in mobile situations and when being used as a mobile solution, position data is sent to ensure that the person requiring help is localised. In the case of the RES.Q device this happens by GPS and for the SOS button, SOS beacons are utilised.

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