DE915 Alerting Terminal

DE915 Alerting Terminal

Designed for easy readability even when its dark.

Any text based device needs a high quality display and the DE915 pager has one of the best. Useable even in the dark, the unit has a multitude of display options like 5 lines of 24 characters with a small font and up to 105 characters on one screen. Other screens like 4 lines of 21 or 20 characters & standard font, or 3 lines with 16 characters in bold font make things really easy to read. And that's important. There's even a proportional font in all sizes!

The DE915 has the familiar Swissphone casing that has been proven extremely robust. And because Swissphone use the same casing, the chargers and other accessories are all available for this unit. Lastly a bright backlight completes the key features that make the DE915 a very readable device.




  • Programmable frequency range that is up to 10 MHz.. Wide-PLL
  • VHF & UHF options available PLL based and fully programmable
  • 64 select and also toggle profiles available on the DE915
  • 64 addresses (RICs) and 4 sub addresses giving 128 individual addresses to use
  • Library of words for names and common abbreviations
  • Single hand use
  • Optional IDEA 128Bit encryption available for this unit

DE915 provides exceptional readability of the display. Features like Express-Alarm that can link the alert text to the addresses will reduce the data volume that is sent thus having the effect of reducing the alerting time. There are a number of profiles available on the DE915 that can tune the receiving frequency and with a frequency range of up to 10 MHz. The device uses a standard AA sized battery and using an alkaline battery delivers 900/1200 h, while the NiMH plus rechargeable battery yields 800/1100 h.

When used with the optional leather case this unit is IP54 compliant. and click for info on the DE915 Terminals or call us at 0843 506 6000.

Express Alarm® Express Alarm
Wide-PLL Wide-PLL
ECO Mode ECO Mode
IDEA™ Encryption IDEIDEA Encryption