Send and Receive Multi Platform Messages

Make alerting by SMS, e-mail, paging and voice messages simple and either automatic or manual with IMASYS Alert with a web browser.

Define emergency plans before the emergency and the solution sends quick and reliable messaging based on those pre defined processes.

Confirmation of any messages will show who the message was sent to and when it was sent. Failure of the internet connection does not disable messaging. Its still possible to send and receive paging, SMS, voice messages and e-mail by using a tablet or mobile phone. The mobile network is redundancy fallback.

Examples for the use of Alert:

  • Templates are used that will help in utilising the correct groups and situations for the escalation process.
  • Notification and crisis management benefits from using this specialised service
  • Process monitoring for system alerts
  • Evacuation of the building
  • Automatic triggering of alerts and monitoring third party systems
  • If security, quality and speed are important standards then this is a perfect solution
  • When its important to make fast decisions in any crisis situation its possible to use teleconferences

Features IMASYS Alert

  • Full availability 24x7
  • Sending by tablet, mobile phone or PC is possible
  • Nothing to load - cloud service
  • Supplied by software subscription budget friendly
  • The infrastructure is Geo-redundant
  • CSV importing or exporting of data
  • Data is recorded from any actions - definition of substitutes, sequential alerting of group members in any escalation and emergency processes
  • Fully multi-user operation
  • Independent recording and participant changing
  • Predefined resources and organisation triggering of alerts
  • Logging graphic display
  • Fully supported by team of professionals for technical questions and enquiries


Corporate customers can obtain a free trial of this solution by contacting us directly.

For further information on the IMASYS ALERT or call  one of our specialist on 0843 506 6000.