IBT 10/20/25 Position Transmitter

Positioning device

Pagers have a often short range or ability to transmit cyclical information, but they can easily be assigned to a transmitter so positioning can be attributed. These IBT transmitters are useful for placing in buildings or tunnels or around factory premises for positioning purposes.

The range comprises of 3 different devices as follows:

  • The IBT10 has 2 integrated batteries for backup with 3 input contacts. Backup batteries create resilience to failure of the unit during power out conditions. Canned messages can be transmitted when the input contacts are used.
  • The IBT20 includes a USB interface with power and data and easy to use software is also available.
  • The IBT25 can be connected to an alarm server like I.SEARCH through a LAN port.

Features of the IBT 10/20/25

  • Allows cyclical transmission of a position number and or messages
  • Canned messages triggered by local input contacts
  • Fully programmable frequency over specified range
  • Transmission power output can be adjusted
  • Simple installation

For further information on the IBT10/20/25 Position Transmitters or call  one of our specialist on 0843 506 6000.

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