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About Capture Technologies Ltd

Since 1989 Capture Technologies have been providing communications and other solutions in the United Kingdom. Recently the company was bought under the holding company's auspices so that we can expand Capture Technologies Ltd much further in to the communications sector where we originate from.

As well as Swissphone product focus on the UK, Capture technologies has developed a number of innovative products that enhance communications. Please do contact us if you would like to know more about the projects that CTL is also involved with and how we can help you.

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Why We Lead With Swissphone Alerting Systems



While it's true to say that Capture Technologies is now responsible as part of our group for Swissphone alerting and critical messaging, Capture technologies started out back in 1989 as Bridge Technologies (involved with networking solutions and Novell solutions among other things) but the company was later involved with mobile technology and had many accounts with household named corporate clients throughout that time for which the company was extremely successful under the FoneCandy Inc. brand operated from Dover Delaware USA.

Today, Capture Technologies Ltd is re-launched and there is a strong focus back to innovative technology products for communications and data capture that are either developed by Capture Technologies Ltd or other companies that are part of the group (some of which have an incredible history in communications and technology).

30 years in business 

However, CTL is a major advocate of Swissphone solutions and we have specialists of the highest level available to advise, supply and support fully throughout the United Kingdom for Swissphone solutions and products. This website is operated by Capture Technologies Ltd as the main website for Swissphone and CTL here in the United Kingdom. We also have other technologies relating to tracking and tags for many different uses within business, like asset tracking, specialised monitoring of temperature, humidity, G force and other criteria that uses IoT technologies linked with beacons, GPS and other technology being used to create very specialised solutions for many sectors of business.

Simply being authorised is one thing, but Capture Technologies Ltd is taking the Swissphone brand to another level not seen in the UK before.


While there are many sometimes long established brands out there, its also true to say that many of those same brands use what is really often older technology, or tie customers in to very long and difficult to leave contracts. This matters, simply because with the newer exciting equipment being rolled out by Swissphone, customers are able to benefit from far superior solutions that cost a fraction of the price of other companies without the aggravation of difficult contractual agreements. The capital outlay is typically far lower, the maintenance and support costs are lower and of course customers are far more efficient because their solutions are based on new technology from Swissphone.

Capture Technologies Ltd has a UK client base of very happy Swissphone users from corporate business, through councils and healthcare clients using crash systems and are pleased to refer potential customers at any time to very satisfied customers of Swissphone products that we have supplied.

In 2019 Capture Technologies Ltd and the group will be 30 years old and we look forward to celebrating this time with you and showing you exactly how good Swissphone alerting and critical messaging really is.

Capture Technologies main website is at www.capturetechnologies.co.uk