DiCAL-FDM3 Radio Data Module

High Speed Communication

Reliable connectivity

Ensuring that communication to fleet vehicles for effective management is critical. and essential. But ensuring that your communications systems are reliable, fast and efficient is not always easy. The DiCAL-FDM3 radio data module from Swissphone is part of a flexible and modular based system. Features include the ability of automatic navigation for operational vehicles.

Supported navigation systems include Garmin nĂ¼vi and map&guide which is windows based navigation software.

Features of the DiCAL-FDM3 include

  • On receipt of deployment texts and coordinates are received navigation is automatic
  • The unit can transmit the position data to the control centre
  • Five radio networks are supported simultaneously - analogue radio 4m, digital radio (POCSAG 2m), GSM/GPRS/UMTS, TETRA and WLAN
  • The system can connect to the rear view camera

For further information on the DiCAL-FDM3 Radio Data Module Mobile Vehicles contact us or call  one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.