Resource Management Solutions

In these days of austerity, resources are always at a premium, but how can you effectively manage resources like personnel? Staying informed at all times ensures a very smooth operation and denies common issues from your operation.

Resource management solution is perfect for ensuring that management have a clear overview of the readiness of relief forces at any time.

Swissphone solutions that can also be integrated in to a dispatch system are available:

How it works

When there is an active operation relief forces will respond and confirm to alert messages they receive by simply pressing a button ('I'm coming or I'm not coming') response. A chart shows who is coming or who is not. Its a simple matter to respond and prevent any under staffing well ahead of critical times and the scheduling of relief forces becomes far more easily managed for perfect results.

Swissphone resource management will help you achieve your goal and can be integrated to dispatch solutions if necessary for your operation. Further information on digital networks for alerting can be obtained. Find out more about resource management or call 0843 506 6000 to speak with a specialist.