IMASYS SMS-Marketing

SMS Marketing Solution


Conduct complete marketing campaigns that can directly interact with recipients. Create an inbound campaign where a customer (user interaction) may send an SMS to an specific number, or create an outbound campaign where a customer receives an SMS with custom content and replies via SMS with predefined text. Using this solution in this way allows operators to simply create queries that can create offers or maybe customer surveys.

Exampled Uses

  • Information on demand - might be offer of the week. Determined by rule: 'send an SMS with the keyword 'offer' to number XYZ'
  • Acquiring customer mobile-phone numbers: SMS message for a service (mTAN): “Send an SMS with the keyword Bank and the code to number XYZ.”
  • Interactive queries, for example, SMS offers for insurance: “Send an SMS with the keyword Insurance and your gender (m/f), age and postal code to number XYZ.” Based on the data in the reply SMS, you can deliver a brief offer and/or conduct a scripted phone conversation.
  • Customer panels, for example, SMS suggestions for a product name: “Send an SMS with the keyword Name to number XYZ.”
  • A direct answer channel for traditional advertising materials (TV, radio, online, print) with SMS voting for option A or B: “Send an SMS with the keyword Option and your choice of A or B to number XYZ.” 

Corporate customers can obtain a free trial of IMASYS SMS-Marketing by contacting us directly.

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