IMASYS OTP One Time Password

One Time Password

Ensuring that you are safe on the internet is critical. But achieving that goal can be difficult so using a method of authorising the user is preferred.

The solution on offer utilises a smart phone and is not reliant on a computer or other device. There is a high degree of password security inherent in this system and importantly, the passwords become unusable after one use, thus ensuring a one time login.

The solution also uses a separate communications channel with SMS over GSM network that negates fraud attempts to compromise the security.

Can be used for:

  • for hotels restaurants on a guest WLAN access
  • Remote access login use
  • Web or system login


The IMASYS OTP authorisation solution is supported through a number of companies as follows:

  • RSA
  • SMS Passcode
  • ISPIN  I-AM Pocket
  • AdNovum - Nevis
  • Ergon - Medusa
  • IBM - u-Safe
  • United Security providers

As you can see this solution is supported by many companies.

The messages are transmitted directly to the IMASYS Messaging Gateway and uses SSL encryption to ensure security. These SMS transmissions from the gateway are highly secure with redundancy supplied via direct and secure connections to GSM operators. The solution can send SMS messages to more than two hundred countries and through over six hundred operators. 


Features of IMASYS OTP

  • Simple and fast integration
  • Administration functions easy to use
  • HTTPS connection with SSL IMASYS messaging gateway for secure transmission of messages
  • Long SMS (1530 characters maximum) and Flash SMS
  • possible for users to enter their own SMS sender
  • Possible to send 30 SMS messages every second ensures efficient operation
  • The sent SMS can have a validity period attached
  • Status of the message delivery can be checked
  • Swisscom and Salt have a direct connection to SMSc

imasys-otp message path

In the above example 1. Login request.  2.  Encrypted transmission over internet.  3. Transmit to OTP via GSM on cell phone.  4. OTP  5. OTP entry.

Corporate customers can obtain a free trial of IMASYS OTP by contacting us directly.

For further information on the IMASYS OTP or you may call one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.