Send and Receive Through Portal

Write, send or receive SMS and e-mail messages, paging simply using a Web browser with IMASYS WEB.

Resilience is guaranteed through the mobile network if the internet connectivity should fail.

The solution service is portal driven and enables users to be set up through a hierarchic structure with different rights such as administrator, read, write ability. Its also possible to divide contact data to specific contacts and team contacts visible to everyone.

SMS2Paging is supported with IMASYS WEB. This feature allows an SMS message sent to a specific number to trigger an alarm for specific group. The recipient group can consist of any mix of mobile phones, e-mail clients or pagers.

The ability to use M2M applications from machine to machine is possible. Utilising sensors for vibrations, temperature, sounds, and more can create automatic messages when triggered via SMS to IMASYS WEB one thresholds are reached. The recipient list for the alert can be predefined for receipt of the alert.


  • Coordination and information of personnel
  • Easily alert specific users or personnel example: IT engineers when there is a fault
  • Information for customer example: patient reminder of consultation appointment
  • Evacuation of the building in case of example: fire
  • Send information or news periodically


  • Sending by PC tablet or mobile-phone
  • The mobile network acts as redundancy for loss of internet access by users
  • Sending to users or groups is simple
  • Easy CSV importing or exporting of data as needed
  • Simple one click to send
  • Users can independently register or unregister for any specific group by using SMS


Corporate customers can obtain a free trial of this solution by contacting us directly.

For further information on the IMASYS WEB or call  one of our specialist on 0843 506 6000.