TRIO Personal Alarm Device

Safe Lone Workers at last


It is possible by using the TRIO lone worker personal device to be able to detect emergency situations for a user automatically and to independently submit an emergency alarm that includes the lone workers current position.

The TRIO when triggered will ensure there is an udible alarm so that the user is easier to find once emergency teams are in the vicinity. A person in distress can be found easily.

Other features include an emergency button on the TRIO itself so in the case where someone is capable, they can press the button for help. Any emergency call will be escalated from the device until someone responds to it and then can initiate a rescue action.


  • Anywhere that a lone worker is engaged, such as store rooms, cellars, external storage areas, deep freeze storage in automated production plants
  • Lone workers in power plants, waste disposal factories, waste tips, railway track inspectors or any other process inspector role
  • Road constructions, tunnel or forestry work
  • Local government
  • Employees of the courts, security company employees



DGUV 139 (formerly BGR 139) is the Standards that the TRIO for lone workers complies with.

For further information on the TRIO for Lone Workers or please do contact one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.


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