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Using any solution for alerting successfully depends somewhat on the complexity of use if the user interface. This communication system can connect a number of platforms like telephony, radio, building technology voice documentation and of course alerting. Using a very user friendly touch screen interface communication and control tasks is made simply and repeatable time after time.

It is possible for the eriX system to trigger specific events automatically via an integrated matrix. Controlling the doors or lighting of the building technology can be completed when an alert is received. But based on defined parameters the system is able to trigger fully automatic alerting when risks are identified like flood or fire. A really good management system.

eriX® communication system can be used in many areas of application including use in a command vehicle mobile control centre, operations centre's or stations, or control centre's or stations.

Features of eriX Communication System

  • A communication system based on IP over (VOIP/RoIP)
  • Ability to connect analogue and digital solutions (TETRA BOS)
  • Its possible to receive and transmit analogue (five-tone) and digital (POCSAG) alerts
  • Possible to receive and transmit SMS, e-mail, SDS, communication system short texts (FMS) and communication system status
  • Support for building technology through I/O, EIB and ENOCEAN
  • Architecture of the highest level of redundancy through Windows

For further information about the eriX® Communication System or feel free to call  one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.