Vehicle Communication and Navigation

Effective vehicle communication and navigation is essential for optimisation of fleet management. Information and the access to communication networks is often the difference between inefficiency or a very successful operation. Any solution has to be budget friendly, but also flexibility of the solution is paramount to get the best out of any solution.


DiCal Interfaces

There are a number of solutions available based on the DiCal products from Swissphone. Radio operation while being operated is kept as simple as possible for the vehicle personnel. And the navigational features allow the crew to navigate to a destination in a very easy to understand methodology. While the vehicle is progressing the dispatcher will always be completely up to date on the vehicle's location and current status.

The DiCal FDM.X interface has the ability to use voice radio and radio data transmission and the DiCal FDM3 interface unit along with the DiCal-RED are both suitable for radio data transmission.

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DiCal-FDM.X radio data module   DiCal FDM.X Radio Data Module
DiCal-FDM3 radio data module   DiCal FDM3 Radio Data Module
DiCal-RED radio data module   DiCal RED Radio Data Module