s.GUARD Alarm Server

s.GUARD Alarm Server For Telephone Systems

Getting disparate solutions to integrate is not always easy but often its absolutely necessary. Various events from many solutions like fire alarm systems, building management systems, nurse call buttons and network management are often dissimilar to each other and ensuring they are processed in a centralised way will be a challenge.

However, The Swissphone IMASYS messaging gateway can integrate and unify these unconnected individual systems.

Think of the s.GUARD alarm server being able to dispose of numerous interfaces for the integration of your current monitoring systems such as building management systems, standard automation software, or your telephone system.

All modern telephone systems have a standardised interface and this universal implementation of the Swissphone alarm server ensures compatibility for a long time to come even if you change the telephone operator.

By using market leading, modular free but standard components, there is a high investment protection and with much simpler support than would otherwise be required.

 It's worth noting that the s.GUARD alarm server comes in a number of different levels. For example the s.GUARD Junior is the hardware component for hybrid alarm management solutions. By including the advantages of cloud based alarm management with the automatic triggering through input output contacts these solutions are very effective.

Having a local paging system with dedicated end devices allows the s.GUARD alarm server to safely notify the right personnel at any time. Should there be a blackout situation by using the I.SITE connection then alarm messaging will continue.