Satlink-BOS Satellite Assisted Communication System

Terrestrial network independence

The satellite-assisted infrastructure available thanks to geostationary satellites has been an incredible development over many years, but that platform offers what other infrastructure cannot.

Complete independence of terrestrial networking and this type of solution was originally developed for German emergency services. Known as Satlink-BOS the solution is self aligning, and is suitable for stationary applications but even from command centre vehicles and control or operation centre's.

Digital alerting is nothing if there is no suitable backup solution available if the primary communications fail completely. But Satlink-BOS offers a solution in line with customary network speed and quality.

Internet Direct Access
It's a great idea to use Satlink-BOS for direct internet connectivity via satellite, but the other good news is that the solution also supports telephony through VOIP. Satellite technology uses special routers designed for satellite technology. It is possible to connect two or more locations and/or vehicles for a shared protected network.

Performance Features & Application

Satlink-BOS is useful for command vehicles - mobile command centre's, operations centre's and control centre's.

  • Voice and data transmission handled by state of the art technology with IP
  • Satellite radio communications of data transmission either from or to the control centre, command post or authority and secured by optimal VPN technology.
  • Creates independent internet access
  • Simple to operate and available within ten minutes
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No third party users on the networks

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