Multi-alert parallel operation device

A dual mode pager that can be used as a POCSAG unit, but also has the ability to use voice communication. Main features of the s.QUAD series are present, like the high audio output and the 64 addresses with 64 selection and switching profiles available.

The s.QUAD VOICE is also like other units in the range both dust proof and waterproof, being built to withstand the high stress from day to day use this unit is robust. The unit can record for up to 16 minutes of voice thanks to the large  memory included.



  • Voice messaging
  • BLE included for compatible equipment
  • Completely waterproof and dust proof
  • Tested by drop from 2 metres ensures resilience
  • 64 selection and switching profiles possible
  • Option POCSAG (Two in One)

When it all comes down to communication through an alert device, nothing is more suitable than a voice alert. The s.QUAD Voice has integrated a full sixteen minutes of memory for voice messaging. But that's not all this unit can do of course by design. Achieve trouble free communication, benefit from high quality and extreme reliability. A wide-PLL of up to 10 MHz for VHF use and 20 MHz for UHF. Other features are things like Bluetooth low energy operation for integration in to Swissphone apps and portable devices and RFID included in the package. Long life NiMH plus battery and alkaline battery. Excellent high output clear audio is great for when there is high ambient noise and allows audio to cut through nearly any situation. Enquire about the s.QUAD VOICE pager or call 0843 506 6000.

POCSAG Option (Two in One) POCSAG Option
Two in One
Wide-PLL Wide-PLL
ECO Mode ECO Mode
Bluetooth Bluetooth