The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol is an industry standard protocol that allows you to send SMS and paging reports easily using any standard e-mail program. Simple to install and requires no other software to work.

Some uses:

  • When monitoring machines, devices and facilities alarm messages can be sent
  • If you have IT problems then SMTP can be used for alerting
  • Personnel coordingation, search & information
  • Messaging to customer e.g. patient appointment reminders
  • Repeated sending of information over time




The solution can be used for automated or manual sending of the e-mail message. Manual sending is simply accommodated by entering the recipients details as normal. For automatic sending of the e-mail, the email is generated and sent from any system, machine, device with e-mail ability and then the IMASYS SMTP service will handle the e-mail from that point.

Features of IMASYS SMTP

  • Very simple to use
  • Fast implementation of the solution even for decentralised business structures
  • No software to install for operation
  • Possible to have automated or manual sending of e-mails
  • Authorisation by user, or e-mail address, groups or IP address
  • Zero administration in IT
  • Monthly basis for costs

Corporate customers can obtain a free trial of IMASYS SMTP by contacting us directly.

For further information on the IMASYS SMTP or you may call one of our specialists on 0843 506 6000.