Emergency Call System for Lone Worker

Since the introduction of the corporate manslaughter act and its recent updates simply ignoring personnel safety is not recommended. But how can you protect someone if they are working alone? Well it has been possible for some time to ensure that personnel are monitored in the correct way to ensure their safety. Helping a lone worker to call for help is essential.

The Swissphone solutions ensures that employees that are working alone receive help as quickly as possible when there is an emergency situation. This solution is in a monitor employee mode of operation and should there be an emergency then the system will automatically notify designated employees when help is necessary.

And in the case where an employee is injured in some way but is still capable of communication they can easily send an emergency call by simply pressing an emergency call button. The TRIO device can automatically determine if there is a problem with examples such as employee fall, or no contact or mobility within predetermined times in an accurate way.

With this solution and determination of the location of the employee by the system through indoor or outdoor localisation, the positioning data is sent directly to the SOS portal. Predefined rescue plans and procedures will be applied instantly and help will be swift. Escalation will happen if deemed necessary combined with documented information about the incident. There is an acoustic signal on the end device that helps to locate the employee at the site of the accident.



The Swissphone emergency call system used for lone workers is compliant to the DGUV 139 Standard. This standard was formally known as the BGR 139 standard.

For lone worker solutions speak with a specialist or call 0843 506 6000.

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