Operation Communication

If you operate any command or control centre, operation centre and even mobile command vehicles then you need a reliable solution for all communication. Its important to ensure that all communications whether they are  radio, telephony, facilities management and alerting with management systems operate together seamlessly with each other and we have the perfect answer.

Voice Communication

Developed by Swissphone, eriX allows handling of voice communication with one headset and by utilising the touch screen the system becomes very user friendly and easy to use. It is possible to choose different modes of interface too, for example, control important systems using autonomous keypads or touch screen panels. SatLink is a component that can establish a completely independent transmission platform that relies on no other network or mobile infrastructure that could otherwise fail. For rock solid communication SatLink is a very robust platform for secure voice video and data connectivity to the site via satellite links.

Telephone and radio communications

Whether you're using telephone or radio or combination of the two platforms for your command vehicle and ops centre the eriX solution from us is designed from the ground up to be very simple to use as well as intuitive to use effectively. The solution is based on a VOIP telephone system made by Alcatel models OmniPCXOffice. Alcatel telephone solutions have been used for many years in control and security centre's.


There are currently a number of different radio services used for relief forces such as TETRA, 4m/2m BOS, PMR and aircraft radio. Thankfully eriX from Swissphone allows up to 8 radio channels or Electro-acoustic loudspeaker equipment, a PA or public address system. Within the eriX interface clearly shown on screen are the channel assignment for RX and TX for each workstation.

It is possible through the solution to set the channel volume independently at the workstation and if you press the PTT button even during a call it is possible to speak over a radio channel and releasing the PTT returns the monitoring to the default state where you can hear personnel at the other end of the conversation. A very simple but flexible feature for this type of operation.

Facilities management

When involved with facility or vehicle management its important to ensure you have a solution that is flexible but is also modular so that you can get the best out of the system and eriX meets that criteria perfectly. An Ethernet LAN connection is used to send and receive control commands from the EBI/KNX bus. One of the many options available is a battery free touch switch that often operational vehicles can use to open (example) garages independently if necessary.


When you use a solution like eriX from Swissphone its a very flexible system. For example it can send and receive POCSAG digital and analogue five tone alerts. By using these features available in any command vehicle or ops centre you can also become an alerting centre which can dramatically enhance the overall results.


eriX is a solution that needs a strong and robust platform to operate on and hardware can be important. Thankfully eriX specifications for PC's is not at workstation level and any PC that is using at least a 19 rack, mini tower or embedded PC and operates on a minimum of Microsoft Windows 7 Pro or above, a Core i3 processor or better, a minimum of 2Gb of memory and a greater than 10Gb hard drive, a network connection and USB or RS232 for a touch screen connection can be used for eriX. This specification by today's standards is quite minimal of course and these are only recommended minimums.


Response management

Response management software is extremely complex, but has to be used to maintain pure communication as well as process messaging and transmit the message through the system otherwise time constraints may not be met. eriX system has a very high level of stability and operational availability through tried and tested TCP/IP to the primary response computer and response management systems. While these systems are connected, each and every one can also be operated independently. It is possible to transfer communications systems, five tone data as well as telephony data over the network. It's also possible to have the solution process data communication from within the management system.

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eriX communication system   eriX Communication System
Satlink-BOS satellite-assisted communication system   Satlink-BOS Satellite Assisted Communication System