I.SEARCH Alarm Server

A highly efficient and reliable platform

Where reliability is key

The I.SEARCH alarm server is often used as part of an overall solution when you need a particularly robust solution. Think of the server as a 'module' in part of an overall solution and it handles monitoring, alarms, informs, connects ands seeks. Because this radio based information's system uses an open system things like input modules and a substantial choice of other interface modules make this server particularly suited to integration of other systems like IT and other telecommunications solutions.

Alarms are able to be sent in different ways dependent on the connectivity, but for example, through a paging/SMS gateway or through a separate radio network. If used in industry, any large coverage can easily be achieved with just one transmitting station, but its also possible to use multiple stations where building structures are far more complex. This methodology creates single frequency networking with a no problem reception even in overlapping areas of coverage. Connecting multiple servers with a LAN connection allows for coverage over several company areas by one paging system.


The I.SEARCH server can be verified through integrated monitoring functions including the functionality of the radio network and the hardware and software of the system itself. If there are at any time any errors found the alerts are transferred to other systems. Of course the I.SEARCH server can be made more resilient through redundancy deployment. Resource planning can be achieved through escalation, absence and shift schedule management. Lastly, the I.SEARCH server, while shown here in a rack version is actually available in a number of different formats that can accommodate installation in to different environments as necessary.

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