Alarmserver Integrated Local Security Solutions

When continuity is important for your operation it is essential to have in place extremely good communication solutions that can notify personnel or groups and guarantee a fast response to any issues. If you are a manufacturer, you will be fully aware of the costs if production stops even for a short period. And in most sectors, fire or flood, IT failures and many more catastrophic situations could prove extremely expensive.

Swissphone's local alarm servers create a robust solution that can dispose of interfaces that go to building management or PBC telephone systems or to standard automation software. Because the alarm server has a summary of all of the safety systems then a swift notification is possible. The Guardian alarm server can be used in a number of sectors including:

  • Healthcare
  • Facility management
  • Manufacturing

With the alarmserver, a number of pre defined actions can be automated depending on the required measures needed and the correct staff will be notified accordingly. It is possible with Swissphone alarm servers to install redundancy in to the systems design that works with an independent alarm system to ensure the highest level of reliability available. And by using a local paging system with dedicated end devices notification can be safely and accurately be sent to personnel when critical emergencies or blackout events occur. For this solution the I.SEARCH alarm server can be included in the Guardian alarm server through the means of an I.SITE connection if needed.

Trusted integrated local security solutions.


Other Solutions

As well as these incredible local alarm server solutions mentioned above, there are also hybrid alarm management solutions available from Swissphone. Those solutions offer a combined processing of technical alarms on a cloud based alarm management system.

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s.GUARD alarm server   s.GUARD alarm server
I.SEARCH alarm server   I.SEARCH alarm server
IMASYS Messaging Gateway   IMASYS messaging gateway
I.SITE III radio transmitter   I.SITE III radio transmitter