Alerting Solutions and Messaging

Swissphone has created some of the finest alerting solutions and serves some of the key areas of application in all sectors where alerting is a necessity. And over 50 years Swissphone has utilised latest technologies to ensure that alert solutions remain with their name stay at the top. Whether your needs are national, regional or local environments through Swissphone alerting networks or notification, information or searching all aspects of communication are available.


Managing resources can be difficult, but it is essential for any service where it's important to have adequate manpower and/or equipment to be fully prepared whatever the circumstances may present to the organisation. The Swissphone management solutions for resources are used all over the world and are tried and tested to be able to withstand all eventualities in this important area.


There are four main areas for alerting systems from Swissphone:

Alerting networks built on digital radio paging for local, regional or national scalability.

Resource management to ensure that you are always informed about how ready resources for relief are at all times.

Operation communication systems can carry out diverse communications efficiently and effectively.

The vehicle and navigation systems on offer are world class.

Overseeing and managing operations, whatever they may be, are usually time critical so its essential to benefit from fast operation communications. Utilising diverse communication enables operation communications to be more effective and ensure reliable operations communication in the fastest possible time frames.

And of course, Swissphone has developed incredibly high quality vehicle communication and navigation solutions to achieve fleet management optimisation and solutions on offer elevate to the easiest access of information and comms networks.

Examine the alerting solutions on offer below and we're sure that you will find answers to any type of alerting problems that you may have. Alternatively call 0843 506 6000 and speak with one of our communications experts with no obligation.  





Alerting Solutions

Emergency Call where there is Danger, Resource Management, Vehicle Communication and Navigation, Alerting Networks, Operation Communications or

Emergency Call for Lone Workers, Messaging Gateways, Alarm Servers or Alarm Management