Critical Messaging Components

All critical messaging can be complex, especially if the solution needs failsafe methods of ensuring that critical messages get delivered every time without fail. Swissphone solutions are used throughout the world today in every scenario you can imagine and have saved countless lives. It is important that all equipment used in such systems that each component is of the highest quality with the backup and support that that these type of solutions need. And Swissphone knows this industry well. Now in it's 50 years of supplying advanced high quality solutions, the components used offer incredible resilience and are designed exactly for their specific application. 


Some of the components below include the IMASYS components that offer a number of ways to communicate and alert. These components can use SMS, paging, e-mail and voice messages even through a web browser if needed.

But IMASYS SMS marketing can be used for other critical business operations, like in and outbound SMS marketing campaigns that can allow for recipient interactions with the solution.


As you will see below, Swissphone solutions offer a very diverse number of components that can be assembled in to a perfect custom solution for your exact needs no matter which critical messaging sector needs a solution. There are even cell-phone apps that can be used for triggering and notifying colleagues customers or suppliers. ecom Ex are a series of mobile devices that can be used in explosive or hazardous environments without problem. But the ecom series of products below offer other communications such as BLE technology or specific devices for where hazards are present onsite.

But whichever components are used in a Swissphone solution you can be sure that they are all of high quality and specifications to do the job that they are intended for. If you would like to speak to one of our specialist advisors or would like a site visit please call 0843 506 6000 or complete our contact form. Thank you for your interest in Swissphone products and do examine the components below.

Critical Message Components

Alerting Networks & Solutions, Resource Management, Operation Communications or Vehicle Communication and Navigation or

Alarm Servers or Alarm Management, Messaging Gateways, Emergency Call for Lone Workers, Emergency Call where there is Danger