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Whether you need local, regional or national communication alerting digital networks for radio paging from Swissphone are the answer. Developed over time, these networks are fast, extremely reliable and importantly secure. Of course cost can be a factor, but these solutions are developed to be budget friendly choices and highly efficient and economical when it comes down to development, operation or maintenance.

Independent alerting and communication


The Swissphone alerting network is simple, reliable and independent. One of the main advantages of this solution is that it remains independent of other infrastructure or even public networks that could be unavailable. How would your current solution cope if it is dependent on other networks? It's an important question that should be given thought. In the above video presentation we discuss exactly how Swissphone products can help.

On offer are a number of solutions that are perfect depending on what coverage you need:

Local Solutions

Sending alerts, searching for personnel or forwarding other information from third party solutions, for example fire alarms, has never been simpler and the good news is that there are some products that are perfect for this type of communication system.

Two products, the I.SITE III and I.SEARCH are excellent choices for any localised digital radio network and have specific benefits when used in this way. For any onsite fire brigades its easy to alert personnel. And of course alerting functionality remains in the event of equipment and/or system malfunctions. Lastly for healthcare, hospitals or nursing homes these products can be used for alerting and communication very effectively.

Regional Solutions

Wherever regional communication is necessary the ITC 2500 base station with PNC network management software is very suitable. Once the ITC 2500 is connected to each other via either a regional radio network, the internet or through an integrated powerful radio connection then its easy to alert large regions literally within a few seconds. Over this platform sending alerts and notifications and/or transmit data as well as other functionality becomes very easy to achieve.

Using the Express-Alarm, a Swissphone product, with this setup reduces the delivery of alert times to an absolute minimum.

National Solutions

Swissphone is renowned worldwide for being expert in national alerting networks and have been involved with national communications for a long time. Experience allows Swissphone to operate their own completely independent national TELEPAGE radio paging network in Switzerland. Realising that over one hundred million messages pass through that solution annually very swiftly and completely secure can offer some idea to the reader of just how incredibly good that solution really is.

All of the radio paging network systems available are completely scalable to suit the exact needs of clients and are absolutely suitable for alerting individual federal states or states.

Highly Available and with High Redundancy Levels

It is critical to ensure there are a number of fallbacks in any solution to ensure continuation where any component might fail. Using system monitoring solutions detects if ever any component might fail and in the case of this application then the necessary programmed redundancy or fallback will automatically be applied. Should there ever be an issue in this way of course the system administrator is immediately informed so that they can arrange remedial actions.

Dispatch System Connection and Communication

For the digital network the primary responding computer for an alerting solution uses standard protocols and is simple to connect. But please note that the primary computer has to be to a very specific standard and specification. We can advise on exactly which computer is compatible.

Whatever your needs Swissphone alerting digital networks can be tailored to exactly your specific needs. Further information on digital networks for alerting can be obtained from one of our technical sales by completing our enquiry form or simply call 0843 506 6000.

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