s.QUAD X15 Terminal Pager

s.QUAD X15 Pager with RFID & Bluetooth

Extremely resilient unit

When you need a device that is built from the ground up to be robust then it's impossible to ignore the X15 terminal pager. The functionality when being used for alerting is second to none and with exceptional water and dust protection you just know that these are going to handle alerting duties well.

Audio is very loud because when you receive an alert its no use if you can't hear it because of the ambient noise.



  • Full high resolution graphic grey scale display
  • 16 addresses (RICs) and with 4 sub addresses for each main address
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • RFID included
  • Comfortable to wear


The s.QUAD X15 pager has outstanding reception performance and includes three selection and switching profile capability in one compact device. The output volume extends to >95dB(A) at 30 cm. Tested with a 2 metre drop testing procedure it will stand up to everyday knocks easily. Swissphone has a strong focus on highest quality and reliability being essential for all of their products. Whether digital or analogue alerting, one-way or two-way communication in text or voice messages Swissphone has all of the answers. Check the tab for optional extras. Contact Capture Technologies for information about the s.QUAD X15 or call 0843 506 6000.

Express Alarm® Express Alarm
IDEA™ Encryption IDEA Encryption
Wide-PLL Wide-PLL
ECO Mode ECO Mode
Bluetooth Bluetooth